Call for Papers, Panels, Posters, and Demonstrations

28–31 October 2015
Lyon, France

Deadline: Monday 4 May 2015

We invite proposals for individual papers, panel sessions, posters, and demonstrations for the 15th annual Conference and Members’ Meeting of the Text Encoding Initiative Consortium (TEI).

The power of the TEI is realized in interactions, between texts, between programs, between practices, and between members of its community. This theme invites considerations of technical and social applications and approaches, both to the practice of encoding and to the development of local and international communities of use. It includes training in the TEI and related areas, for example incorporating the digital into traditional forms of editing. It addresses integration of TEI-encoded texts at scale, for example in libraries and large corpora, and acknowledges that new research questions and external developments require continuous innovation.

Possible Topics

(This list is not exclusive.)

  • Connecting the TEI
    • TEI across corpora, languages, and cultures
    • TEI, formal ontologies and the Semantic Web
    • TEI and beyond: interactions, interchange, integrations and interoperability
    • TEI in galleries, libraries, archives, and museums
  • Animating the TEI
    • TEI outreach, within and between communities of practice
    • TEI, editors, readers, collaborators
    • TEI and sustainability
    • TEI and visualization
  • Innovating with the TEI
    • TEI tools for analysis, publication, and infrastructures
    • TEI environments
    • TEI at scale
    • TEI, refinement, simplification, and extension


All submissions should include a title, the abstract(s), a brief biography of all the author(s)/speaker(s), and up to five keywords.

Word counts apply to the text of the abstract, excluding titles, biographies and keywords.

Individual papers

Speakers will be given 30 minutes each: 20 minutes for presentation, and 10 minutes for discussion. Proposals should not exceed 300 words.

Panel sessions

Panels will be given 1.5 hours, which can be used flexibly to include, for example, 3 individual papers followed by questions, or a roundtable discussion. Panel proposals must include a list of speakers. Proposals for 3 papers should not exceed 3 x 300 words, plus a 200-word introduction. Proposals for discussion panels should not exceed 600 words.

Posters and demonstrations

A dedicated poster session will provide poster or tool presenters with tables, poster boards, and wireless Internet access. Proposals for posters or tool demonstrations should not exceed 300 words.


Workshops will be held before the conference, 26-27 October 2015. If you are interested in running a workshop at the Conference, please see the Call for Workshops .

Working groups

If you are interested in holding a working group meeting during the Conference, please contact the local hosts to book a room,


Proposals may be submitted in English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. Accepted proposals will be asked to provide an abstract in English. If you need help with this, please contact the programme committee for advice. Presentations may be given in English or French.

Submission Procedure

Proposals must be submitted online, uploading them to a URL, to be announced. You will need a (free) account to submit a proposal. All proposals will be peer-reviewed by the Programme Committee.

The deadline for submissions is Monday 4 May 2015.

Acceptances will be notified by Friday 29 May 2015.

Conference Proceedings

Conference papers and posters will be considered for inclusion in the peer-reviewed conference proceedings, edited as a special issue of the Journal of the Text Encoding Initiative.


On behalf of the Programme Committee
Pip Willcox

Call for Workshops and Seminars

26–27 October 2015
Lyon, France

Deadline: Monday 4 May 2015

We invite proposals for workshops and seminars for the 15th annual Conference and Members’ Meeting of the Text Encoding Initiative Consortium (TEI— This annual event is an excellent opportunity to share expertise in the TEI, and to convene working group discussions.


Workshops provide an opportunity for participants to work together on TEI-related topics. They are open to all delegates of the TEI Members’ Meeting and Conference.

Seminars offer training to participants in the TEI, or aspects of it. They are led by experts.


Please get in touch with the Programme Committee ( to discuss your proposal as early as possible. We are happy to work with you to develop the idea.

Proposals for workshops and seminars must include:

  • Brief outline of the proposed topic
  • Duration of the proposed workshop or seminar
  • Requirements, e.g. computers for participants, projector, flipchart
  • Brief description of the proposed workshop’s or seminar’s appeal to the TEI community, including potential participant target groups
  • List of proposed workshop or seminar leader(s), with brief a biography each

Acceptances will be notified by Friday 29 May 2015.
Papers, Panels, Posters, and Demonstrations

A call for papers, panels, posters, and demonstrations has also been published.


On behalf of the Programme Committee
Pip Willcox