Keynote speakers


Grand Amphitheater of the Lumière Lyon 2 university


Two Keynote lectures are scheduled at the opening and closing sessions of the conference.
Both will take place at the Grand Amphitheater of the Lumière Lyon 2 university.


Milad Doueihi, Sorbonne university – Paris 4, Humanum Chair

Opening session, Wednesday October 28th, 16:00


Milad Doueihi is a specialist of cultural and intellectual historian and holds the Chair of Digital Humanism, Paris-Sorbonne University (Paris-IV). He is the author of Pour un humanisme numérique (Seuil, 2011), La grande conversion numérique (Seuil, 2011), Qu’est-ce que le numérique (PUF, 2013), and L’imaginaire de l’intelligence forthcoming (Avatars et Zombies, 2015).

Literate Coding

Donald Knuth’s Literate Programming appeared in 1992 calling for a human approach to code and insisting on the legibility, in natural language of computer instruction. How to think about literate coding in the age of algorithmic recommandation, big data and the growing importance of scholarly engagement with digital culture?


Charlotte Roueché, King’s College London

Closing session – Saturday, October 31st, 2015, 16:00


Charlotte Roueché is Professor of Late Antique and Byzantine Studies at King’s College London. Since the late 1990s she has been exploring the possibilities for digital publication of inscriptions: for the results see

TEI, What’s Next? A Personal Journey

This talk will be based on the experience of 15 years of editing texts, both epigraphic and manuscript, in TEI. The model of collaboration presented by the TEI movement is inspiring and important; and the approach to the editing of texts is one that should steadily be raising standards. As digital humanities expand and develop, what are the challenges to collaborations? And what is the current status of text editing as an academic practice? What are the new dangers and opportunities?



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