Social Events and Library visits

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Welcome Reception

Inaugural reception following the first keynote lecture, at the end of Wednesday afternoon.
All registered participants are welcome, but please do not book this if you do not plan to attend this reception.

Social Dinner

Social dinner on Thursday evening.
All registered participants are welcome, but please do not book this if you do not plan to attend this dinner. Please make sure you carry your conference badge with you: it will be asked to present your badge at the entrance.

Virtual tour of the reception rooms

Click on the image below to take the tour.

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Virtual visit of the reception rooms (welcome reception and social dinner).


City Library Visits


A private tour of the Special Collections of the Lyon City Library after the Friday afternoon sessions, including many beautiful manuscripts and rare books.

Visits are organized in small groups from 18:15 to 19:30. (There is a limited number of spots for those tours, please book only if you plan to attend.)

Attention, you can still register for the Conference, but there are no more places available.

Information (registered participants)

Meeting point is 17:35 sharp in front of the main entrance – 18, quai Claude Bernard – Lyon 7.

At the back of the conference badge holder that you will get at the Conference registration desk, you will find 2 public transportation tickets, and a label with the number of the group in which you belong. Please do not lose the public transportation tickets, they will be necessary to go to the Library.

On Friday, we must be in the Library lobby at 18:15 sharp. It means that we must have a strict schedule to travel there by tramway from the University venue of the conference. This is why I ask you to be at the meeting point at 17:35 sharp. We will take the tramway together.

For 2 of the groups, the visitors will have to walk down 5 fligths of stairs. If this is a problem for you, or if generally you have mobility or other issues you want to tell us about, please get in touch with us, and we will make sure that you are in a group best suited to your needs.